Mission Statement

DOVIA provides a forum for exchange of information on relevant issues facing professional volunteer managers. Through collaborative efforts, DOVIA is committed to promoting services and emphasizing professional growth and development of the volunteer administration profession.

What DOVIA Offers

  • Transformative Discussion Groups
  • Engaging & Relevant Information
  • Insightful & Inspirational Speakers
  • Qualified & Accomplished Experts
  • Intense Common Purpose
  • Career Growth & Opportunity
  • Learn What Motivates Volunteers
  • Connect with Other Professionals
  • Collaborate & Exchange Ideas
  • Bring New Information to Coworkers

Who are the Board Members?

The DOVIA Executive Board is responsible for implementation of the goals and mission, as well as the continuity and growth of DOVIA Sacramento.

Board members meet once a month to plan and coordinate activities and program business. Occasional sub-committee meetings are held. The success of DOVIA depends on the time and effort of this Board. Its members are recruited from among the membership at large and are people who show interest in the mission of DOVIA through regular attendance at meetings.

CHAIR – Meredith Holkeboer, Shirners Hospital for Children - Northern California
The chair provides leadership and manages Board meetings and activities. chair@doviasacramento.org

VICE CHAIR – Rachele Doty, First Call Hospice
The vice chair assumes the duties of the Chair or Secretary in their absence and undertakes special projects as assigned. vicechair@doviasacramento.org

SECRETARY – Mary Lynn Perry, City of Sacramento, Volunteer Program
The secretary ensures the continuity and preservation of accurate legal written records and provides minutes of meetings. secretary@doviasacramento.org

TREASURER – Meghan Toland, Sacramento Children's Museum
The treasurer ensures sound management of DOVIA funds and the continuity of written accounts of DOVIA’s income and expenses. treasurer@doviasacramento.org

MENTORING CHAIR – Cole Forestedt, United Way California Capital Region
The mentoring chair identifies and assists new volunteer coordinators to gain access to basic information about volunteer management and to link them with experienced mentors. mentoring@doviasacramento.org

TRAINING CHAIR – Lillian Nelson, Shirners Hospital for Children - Northern California
The training chair arranges and coordinates 2-3 half-day trainings on topics the membership desires. training@doviasacramento.org

PROGRAM CO-CHAIRS – Jason Sullivan-Halpern, California CareForce
The program chair oversees the planning and coordination of the programs for the monthly membership meetings. programs@doviasacramento.org

WEBSITE CHAIR – Teryn Heckers,
The Website chair develops and maintains the DOVIA website. website@doviasacramento.org

MARKETING CHAIR – Mariann Eitzman
The Marketing chair promotes DOVIA’s activities to the community, ensures the growth of DOVIA membership each year and manages the Facebook page. marketing@doviasacramento.org

AWARDS CO-CHAIRS – Valerie Sanders, Kaiser Permanente - South Sacramento & Lynne Moore, Girl Scouts Heart of Central California
Committee Member: Robin Simpson, Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services
The awards chair promotes the recognition of outstanding volunteers and volunteer management and arranges for DOVIA’s participation in community recognition events. awards@doviasacramento.org

The membership chair keeps membership records and computer distribution lists for notification of meetings, and promotes growth of the membership. membership@doviasacramento.org

REGISTRATION CHAIR – Patrice Bolton-Johnson, Girl Scouts Heart of Central California
The registration chair handles registration at meetings and keeps attendance records. registration@doviasacramento.org

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the DOVIA Sacramento board, please send us an e-mail.

Directors of Volunteers in Agencies, Sacramento Chapter

P.O. Box 162464, Sacramento, CA, 95816-2464

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