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Second Thursday

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

  • March 11, 2021
  • April 8, 2021
  • May 13, 2021
  • June 10, 2021

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2/11/2021 Strategies for Attracting Today's  Volunteers




1/14/2021 Lessons Learned in 2020: Reignite Your Program in 2021


12/10/2020 LET GO OF 2020: DOVIA Sacramento Zoom Networking Program

Attendees had group conversations around motivating ourselves for a better 2021.  A DOVIA Sacramento Chapter update occurred at the beginning and then about 15 minutes into the recording we started our discussion and feedback conversations.


11/12/2020 Career Development: A Strong Digital Presence 



9/10/2020 Providing Internships and Community Service During COVID-19

See COVID-19 resources page

6/15/2020 Volunteer Redeployment and Reconstitution: Tools and Strategies

See COVID-19 resources page  You can also find links to information about working and volunteering virtually.

1/28/2020 Building Organizational Volunteer Capacity


Upcoming events

    • 11 Mar 2021
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (PST)
    • Zoom

    DOVIA Sacramento Program Invitation

    Thursday - March 11, 2021

    11:30 am - 1 pm PST


    Building and Sustaining Strong Volunteer Leadership

    Volunteers initially get involved for many different reasons, typically arriving motivated and full of enthusiasm. How do you sustain the energy and capitalize on all volunteers have to offer? As they grow committed to your organization some of them will welcome the chance to deepen their work, providing incredible support to help you manage and expand your volunteer program, overseeing projects, programs, and even other volunteers. In this session we’ll look at how to recognize and nurture talented volunteers to take on more responsibility (without removing them from what they do best or burning them out). Then we’ll discuss how to develop volunteer career ladders, share leadership with volunteers, how to structure their roles for success, and techniques for bringing it all together.


    Betsy McFarland is a strategist and problem-solver who has forged a unique professional niche focused on empowering staff and volunteers committed to tackling challenging societal issues. Passionate about engaging the community, Betsy has extensive experience in engaging and growing volunteers within organizations large and small. She began her career developing the first-ever volunteer program for a local animal shelter and went on to spearhead the launch of The Humane Society National Volunteer Center, the first broad-scale coordinated volunteer effort in the history of the organization, which now engages thousands of volunteers globally. Betsy specializes in providing training, coaching, and assessments in effective volunteer engagement and guides organizations through strategy development to ensure program effectiveness at all levels.

    She is also a facilitator for the new National Alliance for Volunteer EngagementBetsy also leads Energize, now a program of Adisa, which provides training, resources and consulting in volunteerism. Energize was founded by Susan J. Ellis in 1977 and has assisted organizations of all sizes and types to start, expand, or strengthen volunteer involvement — whether in nonprofit health and human service organizations, cultural arts groups, professional associations, schools, government agencies, businesses — anywhere volunteers are found.

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    • You must register to receive the Zoom link which will be emailed to registrants on March 10, 2021.
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    Since 1978 DOVIA Sacramento has served to broaden community awareness of volunteerism by furthering communication among DOVIA members, Sacramento/Sierra Region area community agencies, and the public. During this COVID-19 pandemic, DOVIA Sacramento continues to provide a forum for the exchange of information for professional and volunteer leaders to enhance their skills in the volunteer management field.

Past events

11 Feb 2021 Strategies for Attracting Today's Volunteers
14 Jan 2021 Lessons Learned in 2020: Reignite Your Volunteer Program for 2021
10 Dec 2020 LET GO OF 2020: DOVIA Sacramento Networking Program
12 Nov 2020 Career Development: A Strong Digital Presence
10 Nov 2020 Volunteer Management Hybrid Post Conference Webinar Mindfulness & Risk Management
20 Oct 2020 Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference: Managing Risk
10 Sep 2020 Providing Internships and Community Service During COVID-19
13 Aug 2020 DOVIA Sacramento Zoom Networking Meeting - August 13, 2020
09 Jul 2020 DOVIA Sacramento Virtual Networking Event: July 9, 2020
09 Jun 2020 Volunteer Redeployment and Reconstitution: Tools and Strategies
14 May 2020 Facilitating an Inclusive, Equitable, and Virtual Dialogue
09 Apr 2020 Volunteer Management Book Club - POSTPONED
12 Mar 2020 Annual DOVIA Awards
13 Feb 2020 Self-Care as a Radical Act
09 Jan 2020 Building Organizational Volunteer Capacity
14 Nov 2019 Readiness for Interns
22 Oct 2019 AL!VE Conference
12 Sep 2019 Back to Basics
08 Aug 2019 Corporate Roundtable
13 Jun 2019 Bring your Favorite Volunteer to Lunch
30 May 2019 A Whole New Breed of Volunteers
11 Apr 2019 Volunteer Management for One Day Events
14 Mar 2019 DOVIA Awards
14 Feb 2019 Career Development: Learn about the Certificate in Volunteer Administration (CVA)
10 Jan 2019 Networking/Resource Exchange
08 Nov 2018 Diversity Training
23 Oct 2018 "Alive" Hybrid Conference
20 Sep 2018 Volunteer Management Basics - Recruitment, Retention, Recognition
15 Aug 2018 Corporate Connections
12 Jul 2018 Bring your Favorite Volunteer to Lunch
14 Jun 2018 Strategic Planning for your Volunteer Program
17 May 2018 Quick Connect: Attraction and Engagement of Today's Volunteers
12 Apr 2018 Exploring Current Issues in Volunteer Management
08 Mar 2018 DOVIA Awards
08 Feb 2018 ROVI -- Return On Volunteer Investment
11 Jan 2018 Mixer & Resource Exchange
09 Nov 2017 Putting Joy Back Into Your Volunteer Program
24 Oct 2017 Alive Conference
14 Sep 2017 Survival Skills
10 Aug 2017 Great Presentations
13 Jul 2017 Bring Your Favorite Volunteer to Lunch
08 Jun 2017 Risk Management for Volunteer Programs
17 May 2017 Corporate Connections
13 Apr 2017 DiSC Assessment: Finding Your Volunteers' Happy Place
09 Mar 2017 DOVIA Awards
09 Feb 2017 How to Make the Volunteer Team Work
12 Jan 2017 Conflict Resolution for Non-Profits
08 Dec 2016 Staff and the Volunteer Ambassador
10 Nov 2016 Evaluating Volunteers and Staff
13 Oct 2016 Team Building, Team Culture & Emotional Intelligence
13 Sep 2016 Alive/Better Impact Conference
11 Aug 2016 Volunteer Program Tune Up
14 Jul 2016 Bring your Favorite Volunteer to Lunch
09 Jun 2016 Volunteer Management Resources Round Table
12 May 2016 Staff Development- Delegation and Empowerment
14 Apr 2016 Recognition on a Budget
10 Mar 2016 DOVIA Awards
11 Feb 2016 The Volunteer Management Professional
14 Jan 2016 Volunteers into Donors
10 Dec 2015 Interviewing Volunteers
12 Nov 2015 Recruiting Smarter Not Harder
08 Oct 2015 Ideas and Leading Trends in the Volunteer World
10 Sep 2015 How to Get and Utilize Faith-based Volunteers
13 Aug 2015 Spotlight Session - Hot Topics
09 Jul 2015 Building Capacity in Your Organization Through Skills Based Pro Bono Service
11 Jun 2015 Volunteer Appreciation Event - Bring your Favorite Volunteer to Lunch
14 May 2015 How to Start an Internship Program
09 Apr 2015 Corporate Connections
12 Mar 2015 DOVIA Awards
12 Feb 2015 Inter Office Challenges: Developing staff and volunteer trust and relationship building
08 Jan 2015 Train the Trainer
18 Dec 2014 Recruitment: Recruiting volunteers (short and long term). How to set up festival tables and recruitment presentations.
13 Nov 2014 Statistics Lie - How to put your data to work! (Program Evaluations)
09 Oct 2014 Corporate Connections - CANCELLED!!!!!
11 Sep 2014 Managing dual responsibilities while working with volunteers. Organizational tips to help you stay on task and on target.
14 Aug 2014 "War Stories" How to deal with difficult Volunteers and Donors
17 Jul 2014 2014 Annual DOVIA Awards Ceremony!
12 Jun 2014 Volunteers in Leadership Roles
08 May 2014 Defining Volunteer Opportunities for Non-traditional volunteers: Disabled/ Court Mandated/AARP
10 Apr 2014 Treat Your Volunteer to Lunch!
13 Mar 2014 Awesome Internships: Work experience/Internships
13 Feb 2014 Unleashing the Passion and Power of a whole new breed of Volunteer with Tom McKee
09 Jan 2014 Episodic Volunteers: One time, youth and groups:
12 Dec 2013 Turning Volunteers into Donors
14 Nov 2013 Different Strokes for Different Folks: Successful Management of Diverse Social Styles:
10 Oct 2013 Best Practices Tool Kit
12 Sep 2013 Branding for Volunteer Programs
08 Aug 2013 Bring a problem, Leave with a solution: Solving your biggest challenges
11 Jul 2013 Treat Your Volunteer to Lunch!
13 Jun 2013 Betty Stallings: Training Busy Staff to Succeed with Volunteers
09 May 2013 Forging Connections - Training and Mixer
11 Apr 2013 Volunteer Community Award Ceremony!
14 Mar 2013 Less is More: Small Ideas with a BIG Impact!
14 Feb 2013 Youth Volunteers: The WHY and HOW
10 Jan 2013 The Corporate Connection: Learn how to partner with local businesses
13 Dec 2012 Bah Humbug! Redirecting Problem Volunteers with Bill Wittich
08 Nov 2012 Strategic Planning for Your Volunteer Program
25 Oct 2012 Safety First! Occupational and Safety Training
13 Sep 2012 Spread the Word through Print Media!
09 Aug 2012 Volunteer Management Resources Round Table!
12 Jul 2012 Treat Your Favorite Volunteer!
14 Jun 2012 Advanced Social Media Workshop
10 May 2012 Meet Your Match with Volunteer Match
12 Apr 2012 Take Your Volunteer Program to the Next Level!
08 Mar 2012 Safe & Sane!
09 Feb 2012 I Heart Volunteers!
12 Jan 2012 The Corporate Connection: Learn how to partner with local businesses
08 Dec 2011 Career Development: Learn about the Certificate in Volunteer Administration
10 Nov 2011 Local Media!
28 Oct 2011 Volunteer Spirit Awards
08 Sep 2011 Savvy Stats for Your Volunteer Program
11 Aug 2011 Writing a Winning Volunteer Spirit Nomination
14 Jul 2011 Celebrating Amazing Volunteers
14 Jun 2011 Legal & Insurance Issues in Volunteer Management
12 May 2011 Social Media Workshop

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